About Us

Our Mission

The VOLT Institute’s mission is to train high-quality candidates to enter the workforce with skills that are in demand by industries in the Central Valley Region. Our motto is “By Business, For Business, At the Speed of Business.”

The VOLT Institute is based on the core values of respect, a strong work ethic, trust, honesty, and lifelong learning. The vision is to impact the community by assisting businesses with the provision of a stable and

educated workforce pipeline. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the VOLT Institute is to create a vibrant, healthy economy in the Central Valley Region by strengthening each company's most valuable asset: their people. The VOLT Institute will not only provide businesses with a more stable and educated workforce, but will also create a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement.

A vibrant economy will create safer neighborhoods, more opportunity for career growth, and a better quality of life for the residents of the Central  Valley Region. The VOLT Institute is passionate about helping companies and people become highly successful so that the Central Valley Region remains an attractive place to live, work, and play. The future is now!

Driven by local industry!